Crown files a Notice of Appeal on the legality of the non-guilty verdict pronounced in favour of Warrant Officer André Gagnon

August 22, 2014.  An all-male military jury at a General Court Martial in Quebec City has handed down a verdict of non-guilty on the single charge of ‘sexual assault’ by Warrant Officer André Gagnon, 48 years old, a member of the Régiment de la Chaudière, Lévis, Québec against then corporal Stéphanie Raymond, then 28, of the same unit.

September 17, 2014.  The Crown filed a NOTICE OF APPEAL /LEAVE TO APPEAL of that verdict before the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada [CMAC].  The CMAC essentially performs the function of a provincial superior court of appellate criminal jurisdiction. The appeal the legality of the finding of non-guilty.The Appeal should be heard in approximately 14-18 months. See CMAC-577

The plaintiff, retired corporal Stéphanie Raymond, reacted positively to the appeal decision:

“This appeal before a civilian appeal court,” she said, “gives me a heightened sense of confidence into the justice system particularly since the civilian criminal justice system is completely separate and independent from the military chain of command.  Civilians judges will now play a leading role in determining the outcome of the appeal even though the two parties will continue to be represented by military lawyers serving within the Judge Advocate General Branch.”

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