Corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power: the misuse of public power for private gain.

coruptionMay 9, 2015. Professor Michel Drapeau acts as a Guest Speaker at the Anti-Corruption Symposium presented by Canadians for Accountability [an organization devoted to helping Whistleblowers fight abusive and corrupt management]  in partnership with the University of Ottawa. His address titled Corruption is present in small and large doses and is often multi-layered  concluded that:


“Corruption is an intractable problem. It robs us of important assets and resources for the benefit of a few. It distort the balance of values in society from honesty, openness, decency, fairness and hard work to greed, decadence and mercenary. Corruption is like a virus; it infects all areas and sectors of society. It becomes a way of life where immorality, dishonesty and decay become almost like virtues or skills capable of seducing those whose ambition and appetite for power and comfort can fuel their advancement to higher and higher undeserved and unmerited positions and riches.

Corruption is a global problem that all countries in the world have to confront. However, solutions can only be home grown.  Like diabetes, it can only be controlled but not totally be eliminated. Honest, faithful, ethical and dedicated persons in public life, a vigilant media, effective freedom of information and whistleblowing legislation, control over electoral expenses are the most important prescriptions to combat corruption.

Unless checked, corruption can become very seductive and a way of life.”

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