Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks

military police 2The Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks (CFSPDB) in Edmonton, Alberta is the only Military Prison in Canada. It can accommodate up to 25 prisoners.   Any service personnel serving a sentence of 14 days or less are held in local base Military Police Detachment cells at the various Canadian Forces Bases within Canada.[1]Canadian Forces personnel who are convicted by military courts and receive a sentence of 14 days detention or more are incarcerated at CFSPDB where they undergo a strict military routine aimed at rehabilitation for their return to regular military service. Section 5.02 outlines the daily routine to be followed by an inmate.

Personnel convicted of more serious offences are considered to be in “prison” and upon completion of their sentence they are released from the military.They can be  held at the CFSPDB up to a maximum of two years less a day. Serious offenders with sentences longer than two  years are transferred to the Canadian federal prison system after serving 729 days, to complete their sentence in the civilian prison system, followed by release from the Canadian Forces.

Members sentenced to longer periods of incarceration are transferred to a federal penitentiary after they complete two years less a day at the CFSPDB.

The CFSPDB is commanded by a MP officer in the rank of captain.

Military Police 3According to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, S.C. 1992, c.20,the Correctional Investigator of Canada can investigate any complains by an inmate in a federal prison.  However, he has no jurisdiction over the CFSPDB.

To handle complaints from inmates, the CF relies on the presence of a Visiting Officer [VO] (not below the rank of major)  appointed by a superior CF authority. The VO  visits and inspects the service prison or detention barracks to ascertain whether regulations and orders are being enforced and interviews an inmate, in private if the inmate so requests to ascertain whether he has any complaint to make. T

olume VI of the Queen’s Regulations and Orders for Service Prisons and Detention Barracks at the following link: also provides for the attendance on a regular basis.of a CF medical officer and a chaplain at the service prison or detention barrack.

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