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emergency threeOttawa, September 15, 2015.

The Chief of the Defence Staff (Gen Jon Vance) and the Deputy Minister (John Forster) of National Defence has announced the launch of the SEXUAL MISCONDUCT RESPONSE CENTRE which is designed to provide immediate and confidential assistance to victims of harmful and inappropriate sexual behavior at the hands of members of the military.

The Centre is ONLY available by PHONE by dialing 1 844 750164 between 07:00 and 17:00 hrs (Eastern Time), Monday to Friday.

This CENTRE is designed, organized, staffed and controlled by the Canadian Military which runs against Madam Justice Marie Deschamps’ recommendation that it be independent fron the chain of command so as to provide victims of sexual crimes a ‘safe zone’ that they can trust.

To create an independent center for accountability for sexual assault and  harassment outside of the CAF with the responsibility for receiving reports of inappropriate sexual conduct, as well as prevention, coordination and monitoring of training, victim support, monitoring of accountability, and research, and to act as a central authority for the collection of data. [Our emphasis]

6This CENTRE is more or less an extension of the Canadian Forces. Therefore its creation will be seen and perceived by Canadians as yet another ‘empty’ [political] gesture by the military in the result that it will likely do little, if anything, to  both stem the flow of sexual misconduct in the Canadian military and encourage victims of sexual misconduct to step forward and report such crimes.

Therefore, victims (past and future) of sexual assaults in the miliary [85% of whom do not report the crimes because they have NO confidence in the military justice system and NO trust in the military police] will not see its creation as a positive and genuine response to to Madam Justice Deschamps’ forceful recommendation that a Centre be created OUTSIDE the Canadian Armed Forces.

See article in the OTTAWA CITIZEN by David Pugliese at the following link;

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