‘Clawback’ of benefits from WW II and Korea War Veterans!

Clawvback of benefits paid to veterans in need.

veteransWe are conducting preliminary research into the results of the ‘claw back’ of benefits paid to veterans under  the a) Earning Loss Benefit (ELB), b) War Veterans Allowance (WVA) orc)  the CF Income Support (CFIS). These veterans rely on these allowances to pay for the ‘essentials’ of life. Most if not all of these veterans are aged and in poor health with very limited income.
The clawback of some their allowances was made in the wake of  the New Veterans Charter in 2006. We are aware that there are between 5,000 to 8,000 of such veterans. We are considering initiating a class action lawsuit to reclaim the amounts clawed back by the Government between 2006 and 2012.

At present, we have a inventory of individuals whose ELB benefits were claw backed. Most of these are veterans of the Bosnia and/or the Afghanistan conflicts. However we have very little feedback from those receiving WVA. Most of those eligible for the WVA are in their late 80s and early 90s. Most of them, we suspect are living their later years in residence homes and may well be out of touch with any of the various veterans organizations.  Yet, they are likely the ones requiring the most financial support so as to meet the necessities of live and live in dignity and respect for their contribution to the nation.


What is WWA?


Most of us have probably never heard of the WVA. Briefly stated, the WVA is an income-tested benefit available through VAC. Qualified veterans are provided, through the WVA, with a regular income to meet basic needs. Eligibility is based on wartime service, either as a Veteran or a Merchant Navy Veterans or a Civilian (Survivors and orphans may also qualify.) VWA is payable on a monthly basis, the amount depending on income, family status and number of dependents.


Who qualifies for WVA?

Who qualifies? One may qualify for the WVA if he or she meets the following conditions:

1. Served in either WWII or the Korean War; 2. These veterans are likely NOT in receipt of a CFSA. They also have a rather low income level.

  • Household income from all sources must be below $42,000.
  • This includes employment and pension income, CPP, EI benefits, etc.



If you or someone you know is receiving the WVA, we request that you contact our office at info@mdlo.ca so that we may arrange a free consultation to discuss. If you wish you may complete the Veterans Clawback Survey.  (Click on form below)



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