RCASC – Nil Sine Labore – Adieux


Royal Canadian Army             Service Corps

The Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) began officially on 1 November 1901 when General Order #141 established it as a new branch of the active Militia. When World War I commenced in August 1914, the Canadian Permanent Army Service Corps (CPASC) and CASC (Militia) had about 3,000 members. By 1918, this had increased to 17,000, at which point the CASC was supporting 400,000 men, 150,000 French civilians and 25,000 horses in the European Theatre. The CPASC received the designation of “Royal” in 1919 and amalgamated with the CASC in 1936 as the RCASC.

During World War II and Korea, the RCASC maintained transport and moved combat supplies from the rear areas to the front lines in north-west Europe, Italy and Korea respectively. By the end of WW II, approximately one man in 12 was RCASC and 1,006 members had died. Twenty-four members of the RCASC died in Korea. In 1968, transport and supply elements were combined with the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC) to form the Logistics Branch.



RCASC Cenotaph – Borden’s Waggoner’s Park


RCASC veterans gather after the parade march past that took place on the Sicily Parade Square

Together with approx.  280 RCASC veterans and their spouses, Colonel-Maitre Drapeau and his wife, Nicole, attended the National RV 2016 in Camp Borden over the August 19-21, 2016 week-end.

The purpose of this national reunion was to gather former members of the Corps  one last time before the various national and provincial RCASC associations actually dissolve.

The highlights of the week-end was a Parade of RCASC Veterans on the Sicily Parade Square. This was followed by a Remembrance Service at the RCASC Waggoner’s Park and the Soldiers Apprentices’ Cenotaph both situated on the former site of the RCASC (S) Officers’ Mess. There were also two Ash Spreading Ceremonies; one at the RCASC designated Ash Spreading and one at the adjacent Soldiers Apprentice Site.

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