WW I promises of a Social Covenant to Canadian soldiers now being reneged?

March 20, 2014. EQUITAS  is a Veterans’ lawsuit brought under the Class Proceedings Act of British Columbia seeking fair compensation for injured Veterans under the New Veterans Charter (NVC). In responding to the lawsuit on January 31, 2014 the Federal Crown, represented by lawyers from the Federal Department of Justice, opposed every aspect of the the Claim. The most contentious passage contained in the Crown’s response deals with their unequivocal denial and rebuff of the existence of a long-held Social Covenant or Social Contract to describe the relationship between CF members (and Veterans) and the the government of Canada and the people of Canada.

Another contentious passage in the Government Response to the lawsuit concerns their disavowal of statements made in war time by the then Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden and his coalition government in 1917 on the issue of Canada’s relationship with veterans. The Government pleads that these statements attributed were but mere “political speeches” and were not intended as commitments or solemn commitments. (page 60 refers)

Further, the Government pleads that there are no similarities between the origin, foundation and history of the “Honour of the Crown” doctrine as it is known in Canadian law and the way in which the EQUITAS lawsuit applies this doctrine.  Extending the doctrine of the Honour of the Crown to Canada’s relationship with CF members would require, according to the Crown, a monumental change in the law (para 169 refers)

See Response from Justice Canada:11018422_1_Crowns-Response-to-Civil-Claim-

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