Professor Drapeau testifies (closed hearing) before a US Congressional Panel in Washington

Washington. August 5, 2013.  Professor Michel W. Drapeau testifies before the Response Systems Panel to Adult Sexual Crimes established pursuant to section 576 of the US National Defense Authorization Act – FY 2013 to discuss the US and allied military justice systems. The panel was established by the US Congress to conduct an independent review and assessment of the systems used by the US military to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate crimes involving adult sexual assault and related offenses under section 290 of title 10, US Uniform Code of Service Discipline  (art. 120)  for the purposes of developing recommendations regarding how to improve the effectiveness of the US military justice system . During this preparatory session, the panel focused on the role of the commander in the US military justice system particularly when acting as “convening authority” with discretion on the filing and disposition of charges and/or sentences.

Professor Drapeau tabled a copy of a paper titled: “The Canadian Military Justice System: Marking Time” before the panel. A copy of that paper is available below.

August 2013. Canadian Military Justice System. Marking Time

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