General/Flag Officers on General Court Martial. A rarity!

The following statistics obtained under the access of information legislation provide, for calendar years 2012-2017 (to date) the number of Generals and Flag officers who were randomly selected for possible appointment to a  General Court Martial panel, the number of these officers who were excused pursuant to article 111.03(4) of the Queens’ Regulations and Orders, and the number of these officers who actually served on a General Court Martial.



General and Flag Officers

Year Selected to serve Excused duty Appointed as members Number who served  
2012 0 0 0 0
2013 9 7 0 0
2014 28 19 1 1
2015 21 17 1 0
2016 27 10 0 0
2017 33 23 1 0
Total     118 76 3 1

I am so busy!

Article 111.03(4) of the QR&Os authorizes the Court Martial Administrator to “excuse” a person selected for ‘jury’ duty on a General Court Martial if the said person will be required, during the period the court martial is expected to take place, to attend a career course (ATL) or perform duties sufficiently urgent and important to warrant his or her not being appointed. Other reasons that might also be relied upon to excuse a member to serve on a court martial panel includes: the member has already served on a general court martial panel the preceding 24 months, the member is ill or injured, or other compassionate reasons.

How many General Courts Martial per year?

For the record, there is only an handful of General Courts Martial each year.  Over the past five years, there were a total of 33 General Courts Martial took place.

a. 2012/2013:  5

b. 2013/2014: 7

c. 2014-2015: 10

d. 2015-2016: 7

e. 2016-2017: 4

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