Capture RMCMarch 21, 2016. The French network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) aired a 45 minutes documentary titled “Women in combat”  or Femmes au combat which chronicles the story of five [5] women in the Canadian Armed Forces who dare complain about incidents of sexual assault nature and in doing so put their military careers at risk. Each of these describe and denounce a military culture which is hostile to women. The documentary was filmed on several military bases in Canada.

Voir lien: https://vimeo.com/156100620

The documentary  throws a spotlight on the challenges faced by sexual assault victims having to deal with the military justice system. 

Femmes au combat openly questions both the efficacy of courts martial and the measures taken by the  Canadian Forces leadership under  OPERATION HONOUR to change the military culture.

The producer of the documentary qualifies OPERATION HONOUR as no more than a cosmetic initiative and a parody.

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