Maples grown from the seeds of a tree planted in 1867 which inspired: “Maple Leaf Forever”

Colonel Michel Drapeau 1Sunday, November 2, 2014. Colonel Drapeau joins Maj.-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie; Ottawa-Centre MP Paul Dewar; Ottawa-Vanier MP Mauril Belanger; Senator and  Vern White; Lt.-Col. Markus Besemann, head of physical medicine and rehabilitation for the Canadian Forces Health Services Group and veteran Bjarne Nielsen at an outdoor Ceremony in Old Ottawa South  (corner of Bronson and Sunnyside avenues) to help plant two eight-foot-tall maples.  The ceremony was organized by the Bridge to Bridge Restoration Project. What made this pair of maples, and Sunday’s ceremony, particularly significant was that these trees were grown from the seeds of the silver maple that, in 1867, is believed to have prompted Alexander Muir to pen The Maple Leaf Forever, Canada’s unofficial anthem for scores of years and the wellspring of our flag and national symbol. During his remarks,  Colonel Drapeau said that the maple leaf reminded him of the strength and endurance of Canadians. “But more than anything else, it represents what Canada stands that is peaceful living.”

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