Military Trials – Workload in 2015-2016

Symbols of law in court library. Judge gavel, goddess of justice Themis and legal codes. Law conceptCOURTS MARTIAL

There were 47 courts martial  during the past year. (A small number considering that on average there are between 65 and 70 courts martial per year).

The three offences tried most often were: a) Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline; b) Absence without leave; c) Failure to comply with conditions. The conviction rate was 87.23%


During the past year, there were 721 summary trials. (This is also a smaller number than experienced during previous years).  The three offences tried most often tried were: a) Absence Without Leave; b) Conduct to the Good Order and Discipline; c) Drunkenness. The conviction rate was 87.38 per cent.

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