Civil vs Military Control over a matter affecting the rights and security of our people?

who is the bossMay 13, 2015. CBC News has revealed the existence of an CDS Directive issued a full month before the public release of the External Review of Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Military in which General Lawson would have directed his senior staff to ‘effectively ignore the advice of the external reviewer, former Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps. ”

The current sexual investigation and justice system authorities will remain unchanged.

Clearly the CDS has shown Canadians that he alone, as the ranking member of the military, will decide the steps, procedures and processes that will be taken by the Canadian Forces to deal with the epidemy of sexual assaults. He has therefore ordered one and all in the Canadian Forces to neither entertain nor suggest any changes to the existing military justice system and the authorities and jurisdiction of the military police.  Such a position stands in sharp contrast with the notion of civil control over the military which is prevalent in most democracies. In this instance, the political masters have elected to stand aside and let the martial authorities rule!


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