CF Rank and file critical of the effectiveness and efficiency of the military penal justice system

DND has released a copy of an Interim Report on the Court Martial Comprehensive Review dated July 21, 2017 under the Access to Information Act. [Copy available at this link: Canadian Military Justice. A critical review] The report provides a pot-pourri of critique, observations and commentaries gathered from CAF members, including senior officers in command, concerning their views on the effectiveness, efficiency and, strangely, the legitimacy of the current system .

It also include options to enhance or modernize the system. 

After years of arguing that Canada has the “best military penal  justice system in the world“, and rejecting all suggestions that the system needs reforms,  the authors of this ireport appear to have have put in a maximum amount of efforts to gather from the military leadership large and small blemishes, faults, shortcomings and warts showing their lack of confidence in the system. We will await the publication of the Final Report to find out how this call for wall-to-wall reforms by the rank and file will materialize



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