Willful Blindness: Soldiers and their families are saddled with a dysfunctional grievance system.

March 6, 2014. Despite growing evidence that the military grievance system in Canada is totally dysfunctional and despite the fact, as students of military history understand, that the maintenance of morale in armed forces is dependent upon a dependable and efficient grievance system, the military brass accepts the ‘status quo’. Why? Knowing that in militaries everywhere the operation of a military grievance system is taken as an reliable indicator of the wider health and effectiveness of the military justice system, why has the Chief of the Defence Staff delegated almost most of his powers under the grievance system to an officer in the rank of colonel?  A first in Canadian military history!

Read more in the article written by Michel W. Drapeau and Joshua M. Juneau in the March edition of Esprit de Corps military magazine titled “The CAF Grievance System: Back to the Drawing Board

Preview of Law & Order – March

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