Marking time for six years!

Bill C-15: An Act to Amend the National Defence Act was tabled in Parliament on June 2011 and was enacted into law on June 19, 2013.  By our system of government, this is now the law of the land. Yet, more than half of this bill has yet to be put into force, including all provisions aimed at strengthening the military justice system.  Strangely nobody seems to be overly concerned about what appears to be disregarding the will of Parliament. Meanwhile, the Canadian Parliamentary Precinct newspaper, Hill Times, now reports that there is No Money- Missing in Action  because to do so would require a “substantial commitment of time and resources.” Go figure!


Bill C-15 was the subject of more than two years of extensive consultation, including eight (8) separate meetings of the Standing Committee on National Defence, and five full meetings of the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. In many respects, the contents of the Bill were specifically aimed at improving the rights of members of the CAF, and strengthening the military justice system such as the scope of sentencing principles, absolute discharge, intermittent sentences, restitution, and allowing victim impact statements,

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