In addition to being a general law practice, Michel Drapeau Law Office provides a wide range of services focused on federal law with emphasis on Military Law, Veterans Law, Freedom of Information (access) and Privacy Law, Wills (Power of Attorney) and Estates Law and Human Rights Law. We stand by the highest standards and ethics of the legal profession. We have a commitment to fairness, and we have established a reputation of protecting our clients’ interests forcefully and effectively, at a reasonable cost.

 Our Team

Our Team It has been our privilege and pleasure to act on behalf of and represent a growing number of CF members and veterans, and their families.

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Connaissez-vous un vétéran dans le besoin?

Récupération des benefices payables aux anciens combattants en perte d’autonomie financière et physique Certaines mesures d’indemnisation des militaires et vétérans des Forces armées particulièrement pour …

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